Galtec & Frend

Our Range of Skin Care, Cleaning & Janitorial Products.

  • Hand Soaps & Sanitisers

    Frend Mild: Apple scented luxury liquid soap
    Frend Pearlised Soap: Luxurious peach scented pearlised liquid soap
    Frend Pink Lotion Soap: Mild lotion soap
    Frend Foam Soap: Luxury scented foam soap for bulk fill dispensers
    Frend Hygiene: Colourless, odourless hand soap for food and pharmaceutical industries
    Frend Hand Sanitiser Gel: Alcohol based sanitiser gel

  • Hair & Body Gels

    Frend Duo: Luxury hair & body shampoo
    Frend Hair & Body: A mild fresh shower shampoo
    Frend Apple Hair & Body: Pleasant apple scented hair & body shampoo

  • Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners

    Dextra Orange: Non solvent hand cleaner
    Dextra Gold: Heavy duty hand cleaner
    Frend All Purpose Protective Cream: Multi purpose barrier cream, and afterwork protective cream

  • Floorcare Products

    Galtec Lemon Gel: Lemon scented multisurface cleaner
    Galtec Masterclean: Concentrated hard surface cleaner/degreaser for use on floors, walls, machinery etc
    Galtec Neutral Floor Cleaner: A pH neutral floor cleaner for use through scrubberdryers and manual applications
    Galtec Scrubber Dryer Detergent: Concentrated low foaming detergent for use through scrubberdryer machines
    Galtec Warehouse Floor Cleaner: A highly concentrated detergent, which provides heavy duty cleaning of multiple floor surfaces in warehouses, shopping centres, industrial premises etc

  • Janitorial Products

    Masterclean Scented: Citrus fragranced hard surface degreaser
    Galtec All Purpose Cleaner: A universal cleaner and degreaser concentrate for use on floors, walls and most hard surfaces
    Galtec Toilet Cleaner & Descaler: A powerful freshly scented acid based toilet cleaner, for cleaning and descaling toilet bowls and urinals
    Galtec Odour Masking Agent: A concentrated deodouriser for use on waste bins, waste disposal equipment etc

  • Catering Cleaning Products

    Galtec Tridet H: Concentrated automatic dishwashing detergent
    Galtec Auto Dish: Automatic liquid dishwashing detergent
    Galtec Rinse Clear: Liquid dishwashing rinse aid
    Frend Lemon Washing Up Liquid: Lemon scented hand dishwashing liquid
    Galtec 060: A high active detergent
    Galtec Washing up Liquid: Hand dishwashing liquid
    Galtec Dishwashing Powder: Concentrated free flowing granulated dishwashing powder
    Galtec Oven Cleaner: A high strength oven cleaner and anti-decarboniser

  • Trigger Sprays

    Frend: All purpose cleaner
    Frend : Anti-bacterial surface cleaner
    Frend: Glass & stainless steel cleaner

  • Hard Surface Cleaners & Descalers

    Galtec Slicksol: A water rinsable parts degreaser, and also for removing oil and grease marks from floor surfaces
    Galtec 018: Heavy duty multipurpose water based cleaner degreaser
    Galtec 007: Multipurpose cleaner degreaser
    Galtec Marine Clean: Heavy duty multipurpose cleaner for the marine industry, suitable for use with saltwater
    Galtec Seaweed Remover: Hypochlorite based product for removing seaweed from boat slipways etc
    Galtec Descaler & Rust Remover: Hydrochloric acid based heavy duty descaler & rust remover
    Galtec D7 Descaler: A highly concentrated phosphoric acid based descaler
    Galtec Leisure Clean: A liquid cleaner/descaler for pools area, tiles etc
    Absorbent Granules: Highly absorbent granules for oil spillages

  • Disinfectants, Sanitisers & Bleaches

    Galtec Sterilising Fluid: A hypochlorite based sterilising fluid for catering applications
    Galtec Suresan: A concentrated quaternary sanitising detergent
    Galtec Bleach: A hypochlorite bleach for most janitorial applications
    Galtec Pine Disinfectant: A pine scented quaternary disinfectant for drains, waste pipes etc
    Galtec Algae-Go: Pelletised anti-fungal/anti-microbial agent

  • Laundry Products

    Galtec: Auto bio washing power
    Galtec: Non bio washing powder
    Galtec LLD: Liquid laundry detergent
    Galtec: Fabric conditioner

  • Accessories

    Brightwell Dispenser: Suitable for all soaps, hand cleansers and barrier creams
    Bulk Soap Dispenser: Suitable for all soaps
    Ingoman Dispenser: Suitable for all soaps, dextra orange, hand bactericide and barrier cream
    Power Pump: Suitable for 4 litre dextra gold
    Falcon Pump: Suitable for dextra orange, all soaps and detergents
    Hand Dosing Pump: Suitable for use with all 25 litre drums
    Syphon Pump: For targeted cleaning power

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